• Coronary artery "Bypass" operation, Valve replacement operation, operations for heart defects from birth.
  • Operations for lung diseases, lung cancer.
  • Operations for blood vessels
  • Chest or blood vessels trauma management.


  • Performed more than 1500 open heart  surgeries and
  • Performed more than 400 chest cases and
  • Performed large number of peripheral vascular operations (trauma as well as planned).
  • It is the first center in the region to provide comprehensive facilities for heart, lung and blood vessels patients
  • Only center which offers full range of heart chest and blood vessel surgery.
  • The Surgeon is trained in UK and holds FRCS (Cardio Thoracic) degree.
  • The department is backed up by well equipped & most modern intensive care unit with trained team for postoperative care.

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Dr. Mahesh Chaudhari

Name :  Dr. Mahesh Chaudhari